He is now a highly-regarded photographer/filmmaker, bringing together his strategic advertising experience with his fabulous eye for graphic composition to make him a quite the unique image maker.
In his fine art photographic practice Stuey slows time to contemplate notions of fragility.
"I love change – which is a good thing I suppose, it being one of life's inevitabilities – and I'm curious about change in the context of time. Everything is created, mutates, breaks and perishes. Even those things we believe to be super tough and permanent. Nothing is for ever. Everything has a fragility"
Stuey works internationally, but is based in his studio at The Maltings, a multi-arts complex in the centre of Farnham, an hour west of London.
"I'm interested in working with brands who are brave enough to show up differently. Let's create memorable work together!"
If you'd like to keep up with his latest images and thoughts then follow him on Insta @fotostuey
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